5Tel Partnership

Increase your business with 5Tel Partnership Options

 Allow your Customers to be able to make payments with quality services using our payment processing.

5Tel Helps Organizations Grow

Offer your customers uniquely valued 5Tel partnership options, which will help you bring in more potential clients, keep existing ones, run growing sales and implement brand loyalty for members.

Share in the Revenue

Gain 5Tel Partnership increasing revenue from your existing members: We provide revenue share options for all 5Tel’s merchant account holders as part of a multi-service scheme.

Great Payment Services and More

We have an experienced customer service team, in-house, who play a crucial role in making sure your customers are provided with the highest quality merchant services. We also make sure your merchants are not faced with any delays as we offer the best in payment processing.

Relationship Managers

At 5Tel we help ensure you manage your relationships with your merchants at all times; We work tirelessly to develop and promote your merchants’ processing with your company’s management system.

Benefits of partnering with 5Tel:

  • Our offices are UK based with 24/7 365 days technical support
  • In-house training
  • Setting your business apart from others
  • White label service (use your own brand name)
  • Amazing benefits and commission offers
  • Range of Terminal options – All Ingenico’s, Poynt and Pax.

Partnership Request Form

    The Card Machines for payment processing that we offer at 5Tel come in a range of different models, you can choose the one most suited to your business. We also have many types of telecommunication bundles that suit your business style and needs perfectly.

    We also offer a variety of option plans for you to choose exactly how you would like to work with us at 5Tel; helping you produce an on-going revenue stream for your businesses or yourself depending on which type of partnership you’re interested in. Most importantly all plans with unique benefits each designed to suit your business.

    5TEL - Refferal Parntership for Card machine

    Strategic Referral Partner

    Strategic Referral Partnership allows you to promote 5Tel goods and services to your customers that require it.

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    5TEL - Indirect Partnership

    Affiliate Partner

    Affiliate partnership allows you to directly sell 5Tel products and services to businesses nationwide using the 5Tel brand name.

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    White Label Partnership

    White Label Partner

    White label partnership option plan gives you the opportunity to promote 5Tel products and services using your brand name. You can also provide us with your own sales team that we will train for you and you can reap the benefits of the sales made by them.

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    Become a successful 5Tel Partner - call us on 0333-335-2020 or email us at partnerships@5Tel.co.uk