About Us

5Tel provides card payment processing solutions for every type of business industry. We help you grow your business and boost your profits by making payments quick, easy, secure and affordable. We offer a range of card machines and online payment gateways to suit your unique business needs. Compared to other card machine processors, 5Tel offers card payment processing solution that is too good to refuse!

As standard we provide you with a card machine that features all the latest technology. At 5Tel we aim to give you complete customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 customer service, complete guidance & training, advance technology, and affordable pricing for every business owner. We are proud to state that 5tel and our acquiring bank are PCI DSS compliant.

Why Choose 5Tel Card Payment Processing solution?

We know that merchants want to deal with a company who know their stuff, and at 5Tel we sure do!

Our research has shown us that quality, reliability and affordability are the most important parts of this business, so we provide you with the best quality card machines on the market at the best possible price, all while delivering high quality customer service.

We pride ourselves in putting the end user first.

Not only that, but by also providing business telecom and utilities through our partners, we give you the option of a ‘one stop shop’ to deal with all your business needs without the hassle of shopping around.


5Tel does the leg work for you!

5Tel provides quality services to derive the benefits for your business. We provide fully managed services, leaving you with peace of mind, extra time and energy to invest into your business.


Want to know more?

5Tel was founded because we saw a place in the market which lacked good quality, honest service. We believe in providing the best service we can from start to finish, which includes:

  • Free set up
  • Local specialists
  • 15 years industry experience
  • Flexible contracts
  • 24/7 UK based customer service
  • Zero Exit Fees


If this leaves you wanting to delve into more information then we’re happy to indulge, please Contact Us if there’s anything else you want to know!

Benefits of Working with us.

  • Industry leading customer service
  • All services are provided in-house
  • Fast, reliable and efficient service
  • Dedicated support for All customers
  • Bespoke Terminal and Telecom Solutions
  • In-house one stop shop
  • Best in class for service & delivery

Request a quote today or Connect with one of our Card Payment Experts: 0333-335-2020