Affiliate Partnership Scheme

Interested in 5Tel’s Affiliate Partnership Scheme?


Affiliate Partnership scheme lets you offer top rated 5Tel services to your customers. Moreover, we’re determined to help you and your customers and enable them to grow their businesses and flourish.


Affiliate partnership:

We offer the most competitive scheme available in Merchant & Business Telecom services of business.  Furthermore, our Partnership helps you earn more money, utilities your well managed pool of current clients, handles clients you’re turning down, and gives you a greater range of services to offer. We can give you a comprehensive self employed deal, the best on the market.

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    We help and prepare customer to meet rapidly changing world for future transformation.


    We’ve got the experience and expertise to understand the technology transformation.


    Whether your business is large or small,
    we’ll deliver your Payment Services in a reliable and compliant way.

    Generate Additional Revenue

    Partnering with 5Tel creates opportunities for revenue growth.