Strategic Referral Partnership

Strategic Referral Partnership

A Strategic Referral Partnership gives you the opportunity to refer existing customers to 5Tel and we will develop the sales opportunities from your referrals. Once your client has signed up with one of our 5Tel services, you will get competitive commission. Join us now and let your business grow whilst 5Tel does the rest for you.

Advantages of a Strategic Referral Partnership:

  • You refer We serve
  • Sales activity performed by 5tel
  • Billing activity performed by 5tel
  • Customer service provided by 5Tel
  • Access to 5Tel promotional material, can be co-branded
  • Outstanding commissions available.

5Tel strategic referral partnership will provide you with an opportunity to expand your product offering, improved customer loyalty and grow your business scheme.
Our Partnership Managers will work with you to create joint marketing campaigns based on analytics specific to your industry.

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    We help and prepare customer to meet rapidly changing world for future transformation.


    We’ve got the experience and expertise to understand the technology transformation.


    Whether your business is large or small,
    we’ll deliver your Payment Services in a reliable and compliant way.

    Generate Additional Revenue

    Partnering with 5Tel creates opportunities for revenue growth.