Help with Card Machines

Frequently Asked Questions for Card Services

How does the card machine work?

Our Countertop Card Machine process transactions using telephone lines or internet to communicate. 5Tel Mobile card machine communicates to your merchant bank via a SIM card (GPRS/GSM data networks). This makes the 5Tel card machine extremely flexible in terms of where you take payment, so you can move about and accept cards just about anywhere within the UK.

Once the payment has been approved you should then receive the funds into your business bank account.

What happens if the card machine loses signal?

The 5Tel card machine can store up to 5 transactions in memory in the event that there is no signal. When reception returns the 5Tel card machine will automatically upload the stored transactions and send them to your merchant bank or acquirer for processing. As a back-up, you can have manual vouchers which you can complete with your customer and post to your merchant bank in a pre-paid envelope.

Who are the network providers?

5Tel work with the 4 largest SIM providers in the United Kingdom to ensure that you have continuous coverage.

Can your 5Tel card machine be used abroad?

No, they can only be used in the UK.

What is the transaction speed to complete a sale?

Depends on the model you have. Generally 5Tel card machines can process transactions up to and within 2 seconds.

What happens if the 5Tel card machine breaks down?

Contact our Technical support team on 0333-335-2020 and choose option 3, we are always happy to assist you.

How long does the battery last on my 5Tel card machine?

5Tel card machines process over 300 transactions on a fully charged battery or remain on standby for over a week. In-car chargers are available to help keep your 5Tel card machine active for longer periods when mains power may not be available.

How do I turn on my 5Tel card machine?

You can turn the handset back on by pressing the bottom left button. (Red button)

How do I turn off my 5Tel card machine?

You can turn the handset off by pressing and holding the yellow button and the .,’ button (situated under the number 9)

How do I insert a new till roll?

To insert a new till roll please ensure that the paper is fed from underneath the till roll.

How do I print a duplicate receipt?

Press the ‘MENU’ or ‘F’ button 3 times, then press the ‘F4? button for a duplicate.

My 5Tel card machine says ‘not ready’?

If the handset is printing not ready this means that the handset was halfway through a download.

My5Tel card machine says ‘return to base’?

If halfway through a transaction and the handset says return to base please place the handset on the base unit as it is likely the handset requires a download to continue processing transactions. To prevent this from happening it is advised to turn the handset on before trading hours so that the handset can self update.

My 5Tel card machine says ‘Bad MAC?

For a bad MAC please contact Technical Support 0333 335 2020 Option 3.

What is a merchant account?

In order to accept debit or credit card payments from your customers, you must have a merchant account A merchant account allows you to process credit and debit cards from your 5Tel card machine as your business account cannot offer this facility. A merchant account works as a link between your 5Tel card machine and your business account. When a payment is put through your 5Tel terminal, it is processed through the merchant account.

How long does it take to set up a merchant account?

5Tel should be able to set you up with a merchant account within 2-3 working days providing we have all the signed agreements.

Are there any charges for my merchant account?

5Tel Solutions will ensure that you get the best possible deal available for your business.

I don't have a merchant account, where do I go from here?

5Tel’s Sales Advisors can help you set up a merchant account with highly competitive card processing rates. Once your account has been approved, your 5Tel card machine is on its way to you.

Does my merchant account have to be with my business account provider?

No, your Business Account provider can be different from your merchant account provider.

What is Minimum Monthly Charge?

The Minimum Monthly Charge is the minimum amount your merchant bank will take in card processing fees. At 5Tel we have competitive rates. Please call our Sales Advisor to find out more.

Are there any other charges?

Your Merchant Account provider will charge you for the card processing. Please note that your merchant Account provider may levy a small charge to ensure that you are PCI DSS compliant.

How long does it take to get the money into my Business Account?

You will see your funds in your business bank account between 1-3 working days depending on the type of business account you hold.

Once the transaction has gone through, am I guaranteed the money?

After a payment has been approved, your merchant account provider handles the payments and takes a small fee (transaction rates). Your funds are then transferred to your business account.

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security initiative aimed at protecting cardholder details such as credit card numbers and personal data.

What happens when a chargeback notice is received

If you receive a chargeback notification or chargeback retrieval request you must reply to this as quickly as possible. We will assist you in every possible way to defend a chargeback. You should proceed as advised in the notification letter and provide as much supporting documentation and information relating to the disputed transaction as possible within the timeframe stipulated.

How to reduce chargebacks

It helps to:

  1. Keep a record of your sales receipts.
  2. Ensure all receipts are legible.
  3. Make sure transactions are easily identifiable.
  4. Respond within the specified timeframe.
  5. Provide all the information related to the transaction.

What is a retrieval request?

A retrieval request occurs when a cardholder loses their copy of the transaction receipt, does not remember the transaction or questions the transaction for any reason.
The cardholder notifies about a disputed transaction, the cardholder’s issuing bank may order a copy of that particular sales draft through Merchant Services to determine what occurred at the point of sale – this is called a copy request or retrieval.

What does retrieval mean for you?

A retrieval is requested by the cardholder’s issuing bank for up to 18 months from the sale date, therefore it is crucial that you keep all your receipts. You will receive a retrieval request notice when a copy of the transaction receipt is requested.
You must supply a legible copy of the transaction receipt together with any supporting documentation. During the retrieval process, the disputed amount remains in your deposit account.

How to manage a retrieval

When a retrieval request takes place, it is important that you respond to the request swiftly.
If the retrieval request is not acted upon quickly, or you provide an illegible sales draft, it may evolve into a chargeback, at which time your account will be debited for the amount of the disputed transaction.
If you do not respond to a retrieval request you may not be able to represent, once a chargeback is issued and additional fees may be assessed.

Will my business really benefit from taking credit and debit cards?

Most certainly. Almost everyone pays by card!

What are the advantages of accepting credit and debit cards?

Most people carry very little or no cash at all, accepting cards means you will gain more customers. You will also be able to accept cards over the telephone, via mail order and over the internet. Accepting cards also encourages your customer to buy on impulse as they do not have cash available to make an immediate purchase. Cash flow can be dramatically improved as a direct result of accepting credit and debit cards.

What are the benefits of taking credit and debit cards?

As credit and debit cards are now most peoples’ favourite methods of payment, there are many benefits to accepting these:
Gain more customers, no cash restrictions means more sales, browsers become buyers, new sales opportunities by phone, mail and online, more impulse buying and improved cash flow.

Why should my business accept card payments?

Most consumers now prefer to pay by card. If you do not take cards you will be losing out on business.

What do I need to do in order to start accepting credit and debit cards?

Firstly, you need to set up a merchant account. Our merchant services team can organise this very quickly for you. You will also need a business bank account in order for your funds to be transferred from your merchant account. 5tel Solutions will also organise the card machine needed for you to accept card payments.

Is there a lot of complicated paperwork for me to complete?

No. All you need to do is call us free on 0333-335-2020 and we’ll have you up and running in no time. Easy to complete forms. We take care of all the rest for you.

How long do the agreements last?

This varies and depends on your business’s needs.

Is there a purchase option?

Yes, there is a purchase option. Our sales advisors can guide you through the various options and find you the best solution.

Do you offer short term-rentals?

Yes we do! Our sales advisors will be able to assist you further with what suits your business needs.

Are there any extra or hidden charges for my 5Tel card machine?

No. Your account manager will detail all the costs associated with accepting card payments.

What if my business has not yet upgraded to Chip & PIN?

Beware! Fraudsters are targeting shops without Chip & PIN. If you don’t have Chip & PIN, you may be charged for fraudulent transactions that could have been protected. In order to prevent this, you should upgrade to Chip & PIN.

Are 5Tel card machines approved by the banks?

Our terminals are approved by and can be configured to all the major UK banks.

Can my website accept card payments online?

Yes. Regardless of what type of website you have, you will be able to easily accept card payments online. All you need is an internet merchant account, either a virtual card machine, a Chip & PIN card machine or a payment page on your website. You will also need a business bank account where your funds can be transferred to.

How do I start selling online with e-commerce payments?

All you need to do is call us free on 0333-335-2020 . Just a couple of forms to complete and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Request a quote today or Connect with one of our Card Payment Experts: 0333-335-2020