Short Term Card Machine Rental

Short Term Card Machine Rentals

Sometimes you need to take your business elsewhere for a short period of time, to a show or an event. If you need to take debit and credit card payments from customers at these temporary events or your trade is seasonal, you can rent one of our 5tel Short Term Card Machine.

If your business already accepts card payments and you’re familiar with debit and credit card machines, our credit card machine rental is ideal for keeping your business going while away from your fixed address.

Hire For Special Events

Even if you don’t have an established business, many people still need to provide different ways for their customers to pay for goods and services; That’s why this service is ideal for festivals and other music events, exhibitions, auctions and farmers’ markets.

Our service gives you the option of allowing your customers to pay with a card without you having to commit to a long term contract. You can hire a card machine from 4 months up to 6 months, if you’re setting up a short term retail business (also known as a “pop-up shop”).

This type of deal is also useful for peak seasonal periods on demand, such as Christmas and Easter.

If you experience busy trading hours at various points of the year and you need a way to reduce those long queues. Short term credit card machine rental offers a great way to keep your business running efficiently and with less stress.

Please find more details about our card machine options on our website or contact us directly to get a quote instantly.

Card Machine for small business

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